Friday, July 23, 2010

PELABUHAN RATU - a nice place for fishing and surfing

From Jakarta to Pelabuhan Ratu it takes four hours, but it does not feel a long time, since it passes several beautiful scenery, like a hilly area with mountain background, and surrounded by rubber plantation, oil palm, paddy fields, villages and tropical forest. Ambient temperature around 27°C is adding the pleasure trip.

If you like fishing, Pelabuan Ratu is also a nice place for that. At night, hundreds of fishermen go to the sea for fishing. Light of the fishing boat is competing with the stars in the sky, which is both enchanting and romantic. Also we found a hot water source in Cisolok. The hot water contents of sulfur, therefore good for skin health.

How to get to there?

There are several alternatives vehicles that could be used. On Saturday and Sunday, we can follow the tour bus from Jakarta, or rent a car. Car rental per day is around IDR 350,000 (about US$ 40) to IDR 500,000 (US$ 55) but it does not include the cost for driver and fuel.

You can also go by train from Jakarta to Bogor. From train station to Baranangsiang bus terminal by public transportation it takes around 10 minutes, then from bus terminal, you can take a bus to Pelabuhan Ratu. Or you can choose to take a bus from Jakarta to Bogor bus terminal. In the bus terminal, you may choose either an Air Conditioned (AC) bus or non AC bus, but we suggest you to take the AC bus, although the air is not too hot.

Transportation from Pelabuhan Ratu bus terminal to Cisolok, you can go by public transportation. You can stop any where to find a hotel, because along this road (between Pelabuhan Ratu to Cisolok) there are many jasmine class or small hotels and star class hotels, where you can choose to stay. Hotel cost per day is approximately varied from IDR 250,000 (US$ 20) for jasmine class to IDR 950,000 (US$ 100) for star class.