Thursday, March 3, 2011

TAMAN MINI INDONESIA INDAH – see the whole part of Indonesia in one day

Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII) literally means Beautiful Indonesia Mini Park. TMII located in East of Jakarta at -6.302132° latitude and 106.889779° longitude. In this park you can see the whole of Indonesia in one day. TMII has an area of about 145 ha, which has been transformed into a miniature Indonesian archipelago. The idea of building the smaller scale of Indonesia was originally coming from former Indonesian first lady, Siti Hartinah or best-known as Madam Tien Suharto. The construction of TMII began in 1971 and it was officially inaugurated on April 20, 1975.

The concept of Mini Indonesia Indah is collecting and communicating the diversity of treasures of Indonesia. The traditional pavilions is the most interesting sight of each ethnic or specific area. The pavilion is the representative of ethnic art in architecture.

During the construction of this park, Indonesia was still consisting of 27 provinces, so it was supposed to represent at least 27 highlight of Indonesian culture, and each province would have it's typical traditional architecture, nature, arts and other specific life. Since 1975 until 2000s, the original design of TMII consist of a model of the houses from the 27 provinces of Indonesia. But after the secession of East Timor from Indonesia in 2002, the East Timor pavilion changed its status to become the Museum of East Timor. Also since Indonesia now consist of 33 provinces, currently the new province pavilions of Bangka Belitung, Banten, West Sulawesi, North Maluku, Gorontalo, and West Papua are being built in northeast part of the park.

Beside cultural aspects, the Mini Indonesia Indah also present natural treasures of Indonesia such as bird park, orchid garden, flower garden, Keong Mas theatre insect park and others. In cultural aspect various museums are constructed in TMII to exhibit the specific arts such as museums of Indonesia, sport, relic, Asmat tribe, army, stamp, Komodo, transportation, telecommunication, information, technology, Purna Bhakti Pertiwi, East Timor, Islamic (Istiqlal) and the monument of Non Alignment Friendship. Cultural performances, events, and even local delicacies from the provinces are prepared regularly, especially during weekends and holidays, to showcase Indonesia’s rich cultural heritage.

The park is open seven days a week, giving guests ample time to explore and enjoy the sights. And if a day tour is not enough, visitors can spend the night at the Desa Wisata or Wisata Remaja serviced accommodations. After the cultural tour, guests can relax in one of the park’s 10 manicured gardens. Visitors who prefer to learn more about Indonesia’s natural wonders through the big screen can do so at the Keong Emas, or the state-of-the art Imax theater.


Recreation facilities are also various such as sky lift, monorail cart, children playground, Indonesia children palace, and goose pool, and the theatre of Imax Keong Mas with gigantic screen player. There is also a not regular schedule drama of traditional Indonesia and an opera at Tanah Airku theatre with spectacular creation and stage decoration.

Features of TMII

The unique complex of TMII is spread out on a vast area of about 145 ha of land.
• Life-sized duplicates of traditional architecture from each province of Indonesia, a miniature version of the Indonesian archipelago, a string of museums and a number of properly maintained parks and gardens comprise of some of the prominent features in TMII.
• The miniature of Indonesian archipelago in the center lake can be viewed from the cable car.

Other famous parts of TMII:
• The castel of Indonesia children (Istana Anak Indonesia).
• Handy craft center.
• Among Putro (Kiddy Rides park).
• Ria Atmaja park.
• Ambar Tirta swimming pool.
• Imax Keong Emas theater.
• Snowbay water park.
• Telaga Mina fishing pond.
• Rare books market.
• Warna Alam outbound camp.
• Desa Wisata hostel.
• Graha Wisata Remaja youth hostel.
• Caping Gunung restaurant.

Transportation in this miniature land:
1. If you have stamina and energy, you can walk by foot.
2. By skylift cable car for view the surounding from above.
3. By aeromovel, a wind powered monorail.
4. Mini train around the park.
5. You can also drive a car.
6. Swan boat on Indonesian archipelago lake.
7. Swan paddle boat on Indonesian archipelago lake.

The religious buildings are:
• Pangeran Diponegoro mosque.
• Santa Catharina Catholic church.
• Haleluya Protestant church.
• Penataran Agung Kertabhumi Balinese Hindu temple.
• Arya Dwipa Arama Buddhist temple.
• Sasana Adirasa Pangeran Samber Nyawa.
• Confucian temple.

There are gardens spread within TMII complex, but most are located primarily on the north and northeast side of the main lake:
• Orchid garden.
• Cactus garden.
• Jasmine garden.
• Flower garden.
• Fresh water aquarium.
• Bekisar (a type of rooster) garden.
• Bird park.
• Ria Atmaja park, stage and music performances.
• Indonesian Chinese cultural park.

• Keong Emas (Golden Snail) Imax theater.
• Tanah Airku theater.
• 4D theater.

Monuments, halls, buildings and other exhibits:
• Kala Makara main gates.
• Flower clock.
• Tugu Api Pancasila, the main monument, an obelisk celebrating Pancasila.
• Baluwerti, a twin gate with relief of Indonesian history on its wall.
• Pendopo Agung Sasono Utomo (Grand Hall), the main building in Javanese Joglo style.
• Sasono Utomo, exhibition hall.
• Sasono Langen Budoyo, indoor stage and theater.
• Sasono Manganti.
• Sasana Kriya handycraft center.
• Management office park.
• Cokot Sculpture, a display of wooden sculptures by Cokot, a famous Balinese artist.
• The miniature of Borobudur.
• APEC Memorial Monument and garden.
• Non Alignment Nations Friendship Monument and garden.
• The miniature of Indonesian archipelago on central lake.
• Indonesian archipelago plaza and stage.
• Jati Taminah, a remnant of a large teak tree.
• Kayu Gede (large wood), the display of large tree trunk.

How to get there?

From Central Jakarta, TMII is about 25 kilometers away. It is reachable by public transportation and taxi. You can also rent a car for a more comfortable journey if you like.


The interesting places nearby the TMII among others are Museum of Bank Indonesia, Fine Arts and Ceramics Museum, Puppet (Wayang) Museum, Fatahillah Museum, and Bank Mandiri Museum. There are also National Museum (Museum Gajah) and Nasional Monument (Monas), Satria Mandala Museum. Sunda Kelapa harbor is also an old harbor which is located about 35 km from the place. You can also visit to Bogor city which is located about 40 km from TMII. Please visit and read this blog for more explanation about these interesting places and others.