Friday, April 8, 2011

KAMPUNG SAMPIREUN – a romantic resort for honeymoon and rest

Kampung (village) Sampireun is a resort with Sundanese village style, around the lake. All bungalows in this resort are reachable by canoes. Beauty of the lake area of 1.4 hectares, added with green trees, with bamboo-walled houses built so close to the lip of the lake become the first scene on arrival in the lobby of this tourist area.

Sampireun resort is built in between the grove park surrounded by bamboo trees, which makes the environment quiet, comfortable and peaceful. This place is designed with the feel of a traditional Sundanese village. The bungalows are constructed using bamboo with coconut roofing that adds to the unique style of the resort.

Sampireun is located at an altitude of about 1,000 m above sea level, on Jalan Raya Ciparay Samarang Kamojang Sukakarya Samarang Garut district West Java. The area is about 5.5 ha including lakes Sampireun (1.4 ha) with 7 water resources. The coordinate is -7.166667° latitude, longitude 107.8°. The ambient temperature is about 12 to 18°C, therefore this place is suitable for honeymoon or for take a rest.

Kampung Sampireun has 20 bungalows, consist of the Kalapalua suite - 8 units, Kurjati suite - 5 units, Waluran suite - 4 unit, Cikuray suite - 1 unit, Manglayang - 1 unit, Papandayan – 1 unit. Beside that, Sampireun has facilities among others Seruling Bambu restaurant, Bale Putri Amantie (for afternoon tea), coffee shop, Kiara Payung a traditional meeting room for 30 person, Taman Sanghyang Dayu for dinner party, Taman Sari Royal Heritage Spa, Pasir Angin Amphitheather, swimming pool for children, spring pool with so many beautiful fishes, canoe & raft at each bungalow, lobby for out door entertain, Bale Bengong, fishing pond, children playground, Curug Geulis waterfall, gift shop.

Once you arrive at Sampireun, somebody with traditional costume will welcome you and then you would be served welcome drink a glass of bajigur (traditional drink made from coconut milk, red sugar and pandan leaves served warm), and snacks name Rangginang. After that, you will be escorted from lobby to a bungalow in a unique way by using boats or rafts.

Each bungalow is equipped with boat or raft, therefore the guests feel enjoy to see the lake and be accompanied by thousands of fish. You can also enjoy the show calung (traditional art) which are staged every afternoon on the raft in the middle of lake. At night you will hire kecapi suling (lute flute) that is played directly by a group of artist while peddling sekoteng (Sundanese traditional drink) to warm the body.

For lighting, this bungalow use lampu teplok (oil lamp). At night you will hear the gurgling waters of the lake while looking romantic moonlight that illuminated the surface of the lake. You can also enjoy views of the night sky with a many of stars. In the afternoon, when the wind rustled the bamboo trees and hit a soft voice will sound like a symphony orchestra caused by friction of natural bamboo.

You can look the charm of the lake from behind of the room, near the pier, or in various corners of the resort. Is it not enough? You can also cross the lake with wooden boats while feeding freshwater fish that are always hungry to wait for the fish meal discarded from guests.

In the morning, you can enjoy with a traditional Sundanese snacks which are sold from the boats by the management. There are combro and various other snacks typical of village. After a full stomach, you can walk around the residential population, you need a guide and must pay but it is not much, or do you want to go through the forest and mountain by bikes?. You also can enjoy the scenery by horseback riding or whitewater rafting.

For you who are on honeymoon, you can take the following package:
• Floating candle light dinner on the raft.
• Floating foot spa on the raft.
• Treatment spa.
• Village walk tour.
• Flower and gift booklet.
• Room decoration typical honeymoon

How to get there?

From Jakarta to Sampireun is approximately 4 h by private car. If you do not have a car, you can rental or ask to management of Sampireun to pick up. The management of Sampireun provides shuttle services from Jakarta and Bandung.

You can also take a bus from Jakarta (Kampung Rambutan or Lebak Bulus bus terminal) to Bandung and then move to bus from Bandung to Guntur Garut terminal. But sometimes, there is a bus from Jakarta direct to Garut available. Before reach Guntur Garut terminal, you can also stop at Tarogong circle (ask to bus co-driver where is bundaran Tarogong) and from there take a public car number 06 to Samarang, and stop at Pamulihan junction. Ask to driver, where is pertigaan (junction) Pamulihan, then by using a public village car to Suka Karya and stop in the front of the Sampireun gate. By using bus and public car, from Jakarta to Sampireun you pay only about IDR 36,000 or about US$ 4, but the time is about 6 h or more, depend on traffic.

Pick-Up Service:
1.IDR 1.000.000,- (about US$ 110) net/car/Bandung - return/max 6 persons.
2.IDR 2.000.000,- (about US$ 220) net/car/Jakarta – return/max 6 persons.

Type Of Cars : Kijang Inova inclusive of gasoline, driver; toll fee, local guide, entrance fee to tourist destination is exclude.

One day tours package:

The cost is IDR 800.000.- (about US$ 90)/net/car/max 6 person

Package I
Crater of Papandayan, batik painting, leather craft, Cangkuang, shopping traditional food (snack market).
Package II
Naga village, crater of Kamojang, shopping traditional food (snack market).
Package III
Rajapolah (traditional handy craft), leather craft, shopping traditional food (snack market ).